Welcome To Repeat Offenders!! March 18 2014

Hi and welcome to Repeat Offenders!!!

Repeat Offenders is an accidental business started out of love, need, and boredom; my love of vintage and antique furniture, my need to create beautiful things, and a lot of time on my hands when my husband accepted a job out of state. What started out as a way to keep me from day drinking, and a work shop full of “good” junk; snowballed into a Etsy store, a website, a work shop in High Point, then two workshops in High Point, antique sales……currently searching for a retail location. Phewwww, no boredom around this place any more.

I specialize in refinishing antiques lacking in love and oozing with potential. I like to use modern fabrics on my upholstered pieces, but my love of all things French country, makes toile my fail safe. Painted furniture is very popular now, and I find myself with paint brush in hand quite often. I use a combination of latex paint, chalk paint and milk paint, depending on what the piece will be used for on an everyday basis (I have my opinions on chalk and milk paint, but that’s a blog for another day) I find repurposing antiques and architectural finds challenging and fun (and for some reason I make a lot of lamps, lol). My creative outlet comes in the form of hand painted signs. Refinishing or painting client pieces has been a very lucrative part of my business. So think of me when you want to have Grandmas rocking chair refinished.

I try to use natural and low VOC products whenever possible. When reupholstering pieces I use all new materials. I build, fix, refinish and reupholster everything myself (with occasional help from my husband when he is home). I am a one woman band, and loving every minute of it.

Welcome to Repeat Offenders!

Patti Hamlin