About Me..... March 21 2014

About Me…….

My name is Patti Miles-Hamlin; I am a racing wife, there I said it!! Married to the love of my life; Kevin Hamlin. With our 3 dogs and 2 cats, we are living the dream in High Point, NC.

I met my husband through racing. I worked for many years in NHRA Drag Racing as Public Relations representative. My Husband Kevin Hamlin is a famous NASCAR Crew Chief, who I instantly fell in love with the first time he kissed me. Originally from Santa Maria CA. Kevin moved me to North Carolina 15 years ago, when we knew we could not spend another minute apart. We were inseparable from that time on. I went to the racetrack with him every weekend, living out an amazing dream.

Two years ago he took a position with a team based out of Ohio. We could not move there, and he gets very little time at home now. I was forced to find a way to occupy my time. Since day drinking was not an option; I started refinishing, reupholstering and repurposing antiques.

So about me….

I like the old the musty and crusty. I live to make things pretty, and love to pair modern fabrics with old pieces. I adore French country, shabby chic and Victorian antiques.

I missed my calling not going to design school, because there is an interior designer burning inside of me.

I pride myself on doing it myself. I have an amazing set of tools. I get gifts of table saws, chain saws and nails guns from my husband. Who needs diamonds? I got a router bench for Valentine’s Day!

I am opinionated….I mean really opinionated, and brutally honest. So, I apologize in advance for offending anyone. Things bug me and I have to speak up. Kevin says I have no throttle stop on my mouth, and he might have a point. I also embarrass the hell out of him from time to time….sorry honey!

My Dad used to say, “I was over educated and under employed.” Dad is right, but I can answer all the questions on Jeopardy, so I got that going for me…..which is nice.

I love to cook, good wine, old movies, music, my pets and of course my wonderful husband.

I am an animal lover; 3 dogs 2 cats. They are my best friends and constant companions. My Westie Cracker, goes everywhere with me. Know that before you invite me to your house for a visit.

I am a flagrant “F” bomber (Come on!....I carry ear plugs for the children). I drink too much. I am all about having fun and laughing. My sense of humor can be brutal at times, and not everyone gets me. I have a wonderful extended family and friends who love me even if I am “Aunt Party” who occasionally falls down laughing and yells, F**K!!!

So that’s me in a nut shell. I traded the fancy clothes, manicures and gourmet dinners of my old racing life; for a paint splattered jeans, a saw dust filled shop and sandwiches at my work bench. And absolutely loving every minute of it! (Disclosure: my racing life wasn’t all that glamorous; lots of bad hotels, bad food and long hours. But I did acquire a lot of nice clothes and had regular mani/pedis)

We are currently looking for a brick and mortar space to open a retail store…..stay tuned it may be a bumpy and fun ride.