Happy Anniversary RO July 17 2014

So I have been in business for a year now. One whole year, amazing!

I started Repeat Offenders out of my garage, and at the time it was all Craigslist and eBay sales. When we moved last spring to a much smaller house I had tons of unfinished pieces and nowhere to work on them. This caused me to rent a small space in a commercial strip mall; viola I am a business. Of course the procrastinator in me did not make it legal for a couple months. Paperwork was filed on July 14, 2013…..Happy Anniversary Repeat Offenders!!


So what have I learned in the last 12 months…..?

  • QuickBooks
  • Having my own business has turned me into a cheap skate. I work hard for that money; I am not giving it up easily.
  • You can have cash flow and still be broke.
  • My hole in the wall sanctuary is kind of a dump, but I love it!
  • I can endure a lot because I am cheap; no AC last summer, great for shedding a few unwanted pounds. No heat this winter. Well until the first snow, then I bit the bullet and had the gas turned on. I am cheap; not crazy!
  • I have mad wood working and artistic skills!
  • New tools make me happier than new clothes….which if you know me at all, you will know what a monumental statement that is.
  • Speaking of clothes; I don’t own anything that doesn’t have paint on it.
  • There is not enough time in the day for everything I have to do.
  • Social Media is very important. With my back ground in PR, some would find this statement strange coming from me. I thought it was all pee-pee ca-ca until I was convinced by a PR friend (reads as Elon Warner) to try it…..who knew you could sell a dresser from an Instagram post! Eureka! Yes I concede, social Media is a very important pain in the ass, but it pays! See earlier comments about my new found cheapness.
  • I am oh so appreciative of the support I get from the core people in my life; my husband Kevin, he shakes his head a lot, but comes home and builds me stuff. My sister-in-law and best sounding board EVER Jill. My best friend Deb. Who if Jill is a sounding board, Deb is the voice of reason. My woodworking bestie Spencer; who has taught me so much over the last year and sharpens my chisels. And my core group of friends/critics; I text them all these ridiculous pictures and they give me invaluable input. Input that keeps me going at times; Gina, Nicole, Shelley, Elon, Mary, Lisa, Tara, Mikey, and Nicky.
  • The most important thing I have learned this year is that I have skills. That combined with my creativity. Equals something that I can actually make a buck doing. Which is very gratifying for me; very gratifying

Happy First Anniversary Repeat Offenders!!!!